Welcome To Pil Sung Taekwondo

Qualified Instructors & Classes for the Entire Family


Come join the areas best martial arts provider! Pil Sung Taekwondo offers instruction for all members of your family. Our moms and dads are learning valuable self defense techniques while improving their physical health. Kids from pre-school age through college age improve their self confidence, focus, and keep themselves physically fit as they grow into adults. Those students of any age who enjoy competitive aspects of sports will also love our competition based sport Taekwondo programs. 

School Events

School Closings: 

August 31

September 2

Colored Belt Testing:  Aug 10, 10:30am

Black Belt Testing: Aug 10, 2:00pm

Tournaments & AAU

  • Duanesburg AAU Juniors: June 1
  • AAU Nationals (Ft Lauderdale): June 30 - July 6
  • AAU Junior Olympic Games (Greensboro, NC): July 29 - 31
  • Disney AAU International Martial Arts Festival (ESPN Wide World of Sports Orlando FL): October 25 - 27

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